SXSWi 2015 — Activist Hyperbole

Take a look at the image I created below. Do activists distort the truth and use hyperbole excessively? I think so, and I think it undermines their ability to win over what you could call the 'malleable' neutrals — people who would support a cause but are turned off by exaggeration and over-statement. But I'm going to prove it by next March.

Once again I've proposed a presentation for #SXSW 2015 using the infamous PanelPicker process and I hope you will vote for it. (I was unsuccessful last year.) You can click on the wonky image on the right sidebar, which I am struggling to fix at the moment. Or you can click on this link. You will also find there a short video in whihch I expand on my intended content. Note, please, you have to register to vote. but it is not an onerous process.

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