Pollsters and Pundits Beware

Politics can't be said to be fun, although people who participate in political campaigns seem to delight in all aspects of them including 'canvassing' and 'stumping'. (Having canvassed only once and hating every minute of it, and taking 'stumping' to mean fooling people about your real intentions, neither appeals to me).

But when there is an election, speculating on outcomes a la hockey pools can be diverting. For Ontarians going to the polls in early June, H+K Strategies (my agency) makes easier comparing your predictions of voting trends with those of pollsters and friends with its Election Predictor. You simply make a prediction for the number of ridings potentially won by a political party for the entire province by sliding coloured bars to shift vote percentage, then share and debate your forecast with your friends.

Pollsters and pundits beware: There's a new crystal ball at hand.

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