Love Highlighters and Index Cards?

Vox.com has got it right.

Amid the thrashing about of online news platforms looking for an audience, a raison d'etre and an effective monetization strategy, Vox.com has done at least one, no two, things right.

What's missing from much print and online news and social web 'reporting'? Context. Interpretation. Sustained analysis. So yesterday the people at Vox launched a new way of covering stories using digitized tools from our high school and university days — highlighters and index cards

At the core of this phase are the Vox Cards. They’re inspired by the highlighters and index cards that some of us used in school to remember important information. You’ll find them attached to articles, where they add crucial context; behind highlighted words, where they allow us to offer deeper explanations of key concepts; and in their stacks, where they combine into detailed — and continuously updated — guides to ongoing news stories.

The image above is an example of one of 15 Vox cards about the politically motivated closing of traffic lanes over a bridge from Fort Lee, New Jersey by staff of controversial governor of New Jersey. The Vox cards explain, for example, which political staff members are involved, who is investigating the events, and what other Chris Christie scandals (bullying anyone?) are in the background.

Civics classes will never be the same again.

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