Political Engagement Online — Now This is a Surprise

According to an Ipsos survey of 20,000 Canadians during 2013, guess who lags when it comes to getting information about political or social issues online or engaging in original discussion about policy, social, political issues on social platforms?

While online and social media have clearly expanded the channels through which Canadians can express themselves, communicate and find information, it is clear that some groups of Canadians are riding the wave, while others are lagging behind.

There is no greater evidence of this than examining
ethnic groups.” Our data show that those identifying as being East Indian (India), Latin American/Mexican and Asian/African report the highest online and Twitter activity, followed closely by those identifying as Chinese.  On the opposite end, those identifying as being UK/British, simply
Canadian, or European fall behind all others in their reported use of Twitter, internet for policy, social, political issues and authoring original ideas online.

Should I be surprised?

photo credit: ScoRDS via photopin cc

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