Size of Nonprofit Digital Teams

In the previous post I referred to another study on nonprofit digital teams which I found: Communicopia's 2014 'Non-Profit Digital Teams Report — Influence and Impact' (requires registration). 

The study is of 88 nonprofits, including some of the big guys — Greenpeace, Amnesty International. Enviromental Defense Fund, and Sierra Club.

Among the key findings related in part to the issues in my previous post:

First, "Skill levels are improving (or maybe technical change has slowed.) 40% report they have the skills to do their best work, a huge improvement from the 26% who said so in 2011." The parenthetical comment is wrong. But the general thrust of the finding confirms my point about nonprofit social teams getting increasingly digitally competent.

Second, "Nearly 70% of all digital teams who responded now report to (sic) consist of five full time staff or fewer. In very large organizations (200+ total staff) the average full time team size was 11-20. Large orgs (51-200) and medium orgs (21-50 staff) were most commonly 3-2 staff. The vast majority (68%) of smaller orgs (1-20 staff) have digital teams of 1-2." 

(What are these 'orgs'? Are they like 'Orcs'? Please don't do this in a serious study. You undermine your crediblity.) Two non-snarky comments about this: The size of the teams are testimony to the central place digital has taken in nonprofit outreach work, and the small to medium sized teams are benefiting from the greater knowledge they have of the platforms most used for relationship building — Facebook and Twitter.

And what role tops the wish list for next hires at these organizations? Content development, technical development and UX/information architecture. At the bottom of the list: strategists, social media engagement people and, in last place, data/CRM types.

That last one is a surprise.

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