Nonprofits and Social: No Surprises


Two of the least surprising findings in new data from a Hubspot survey of 9,000 small and medium-sized nonprofits on how they spend their time on social media . . .

  1. Two-thirds don't have documented social media strategies, policies or goals. If the same question was asked of 9,000 SMEs would the answer differ? Unlikely. While creating a social strategy is not complicated — think establish the business goal, define and profile the target audience, assess competitor positioning, 'write' your social narrative and pick your team (more or less) — its value is miscalculated even by large organizations who should know better. 
  2. 44% have only one person monitoring their social media platforms. I've seen a similar assessment of nonprofit teams in another study that I can put my hands on at the moment. But this isn't as damning as it sounds for two reasons: Small and medium-sized nonprofits have limited staff resources (duh!); More important, social web managers from these organizations have become more adept at authoring content and overseeing and administering their communities — Not to say that a few additional minds and fingers wouldn't help.  

Oh yes, more than three quarters say that social media are either valuable or very valuable to their outreach efforts and there is "almost universal adoption" (98%) of Facebook as the core of nonprofit social media programs. 

Size of Nonprofit Digital Teams

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