The 'Social' CEO—Forget It

Do you find this infographic disappointing?

I know it's hard to take seriously CEOs who say they want to position themselves as thought leaders, then don't invest the time in learning about and using the platforms that reach people with ideas. 

But who are we kidding.

The belief that a CEO will spend time taking pictures, adding filters and posting them to Instagram or tagging friends on Facebook is naive if not laughable. LinkedIn is another matter of course. 

But from my perspective as a digital strategist I don't care that 68% of CEOs have no social presence, only 8.3% have Facebook accounts and less than 15% think Google+ is useful for their work. I want them to recognize that a social program can build their organization's brand, strengthen its reputation and be the lead strategy for marketing products and services . . . then make the investments needed and get out of the way.


7-in-7 . . .Whew!

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