Facebook's New News

Facebook is terribly fascinating as it sorts out its business model while trying to meet the expectations and experiences of its one billion or so users. The social network is at that juncture where business and social trends converge and has been there almost since 2004. Facebook is constantly balancing what it sees as social tsunamis with business need. 

It recently announced a revamping of what gets into our news feeds to help us "find more news to talk about". Look for more news articles and what it calls 'quality' content:

Why are we doing this? Our surveys show that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports team or shared interests, to the latest meme.

There is also the anticipated launch by Facebook of a news app called "Paper", which may look like Flipboard or Zite. Both steps will drive more traffic to host media sites  . . . who will pay at some point for this you can be sure.

But if it's true Paper will eschew 'trivial news", then I am all for it . . . as I imagine will be many grown-ups who are now moving in greater numbers to the former juvenile home of the selfie and party central. And that is just what Facebook hopes — a perfect marriage of commerce and social drift.  

Is Facebook becoming a social network for grown-ups? Maybe, as teenagers flee to Twitter for shopping and SnapChat, Instagram video and messaging apps like Kik. But with moves like these recent changes it makes me think Facebook isn't worrying too much that teens are going elsewhere for their network fix. 

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