Pinterest News

Pinterest continues working at making itself more useful for the 'engagement' part of the social web connection—engagement—influence—action continuum.

Some Pinterest users have seen their 'Activity' tab replaced by 'News' the goal of which according to Pinterest,

(I)s to make it easy to find relevant and interesting pins. News will show you the boards where your pins were repinned to, so you'll find other pins you might like.  

The people at Curalate have done a better job than I could at extrapolating what this could mean for Pinterest-based social campaigns:

It’s a great way to go beyond raw Pinterest statistics to discover more about the people who love your pins. This feature can help casual Pinterest users explore the network for kindred spirits. After all, we can predict that someone who repins our stuff will probably like many of the same things. However, we think that professional marketers and brand managers on Pinterest will use the News tab to meet three kinds of people:

Companies and organizations should be able to parse the impact of their Pinterest boards more precisely and target accordingly.

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