CPRS PR Agency Bootcamp — Personal Brand

(Image courtesy of  http://www.couragefactor.com/your-personal-brand/)

Tomorrow I'm moderating a panel at the Canadian Public Relations Society's PR Agency Bootcamp called 'Shaping Your Personal Brand Through Social Media' featuring novelist Terry Fallis, blogger Mark Evans and agency executive Dave Fleet.

I'm posting the questions I'll be asking the panelists in the event anyone has additional questions they would like me to pose to one or all of the panel members. I will commit to summarizing the answers to these additional submitted questions:

  1. Do you keep your social presence on a professional level or do you have separate professional and personal social platforms — and why?
  2. How conscious has your personal brand building been — plotted out or accidental?
  3. Are there differences in how you use various social platforms to build your personal brand — Facebook vs Twitter for example?
  4. Is it important to be seen as an early adopter on new platforms — Do I have to be the first to Vine or Shapchat for example?
  5. Can you realistically keep your personal and professional social platforms separate?
  6. If you don't like your current personal brand on social platforms is it alright to 'reload' — cull your Facebook friends; wipe clean who your follow on Twitter?
  7. What do you do if you personally fuck up on social — say by bringing a personal bias into a professional presence? 

Knowing the panelists fairly well, I expect both value and controversy.

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