Video Notes on Digital Activism

Campaigns like the one which defeated the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) have taken some of the steam out of critics who question the efficacy of digital activism. Others such as the Australian charity The Benevolent Society have demonstrated that digital activism can also be used creatively and successfully to support not-for-profit causes. 

Below are two video primers on some features of digital activism: One created by Mary Joyce who runs the Meta-Activism.org research site; and one by me assembled for a Seneca College course I teach in its new social media program.

I realized as I reviewed my video that I had unintentionally used Mary Joyce's ideas on the new currency of power ('attention') without referring to her as the source. My comments were from some PowerPoint slides I had used which did reference the source and linked to her blog. I am trying to learn iMovie editing so that I can add a clip and image to give credit where it belongs. In the meantime, while watching my video recognize that the core ideas about attention and power are hers.

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