Get Your Twitter Act Together

I was taking a look (below) at H+K's recent infographic: Who are the most influential Québec national assembly members on Twitter? that ranks Québec's top 20 most influential national assembly members (MNA) based on their Twitter prowess and here are a couple of things I noticed:

  1. 12 of the 20 most influential Twitter MNA  are members of the Parti Quebecois, the party currently in power in the province. (It is the party that wants to create Quebec as a separate sovereign state, and introduced the controversial charter of values this fall. I would expect the opposition parties to be more active since they are the ones looking to change minds and behaviour in anticipation of the next election.
  2. Every PQ MNA on the list is either a government minister or parliamentary assistant. Where are the tweeting backbenchers? You'd think backbenchers would have more free time and more to prove than their ministerial counterparts. (One hopes the ministers and parliamentary assistants aren't having someone tweet for them!)
  3. As an extension of point two, only two of the 20 on the list don't have an official party or government position, which means it's about time the rank and file in all political parties in Québec get their social web act together.

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