When the Social Shit Hits the Fan

Not only is this a case of two lawyers and a social | digital strategist agreeing with each other, but we actually wrote a paper together and presented it at the 13th Annual Ontario Bar Association Franchise Law Day yesterday in Toronto.

As a sector franchisors and franchisees, especially in the food services business, face more than their fair share of social web calamities either through their own missteps or abuse by employees or customers. Our paper (from the introduction):

(E)xplores some of the common triggers and sources of social media abuse, how to prepare for them, and how to react when they happen. It is intended as a practical guide rather than a legal treatise on related items such as defamation, trade-mark infringement and other matters.

Although having said that there are few sound cautions about legal considerations especially when it comes to drafting social media policies.

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