Graph Search Backlash

It didn't take long for people to find the uncomfortable and creepy side of Facebook's Graph Search. (I can't test these hypotheses because I haven't been given access to the beta version).

Among the concerns:

  1. Its micro-targeting functionality makes stalking just a little bit easier. Not bothered? Think of this in the context of the fact — as the Forbes article points out — that Facebook just recently took away "the ability for users to hide themselves from search."
  2. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is very concerned that Graph Search "allows strangers to discover information about you that you may not have intended them to find" . . . for example, that you actively support the EFF, or another organization or activist group that may not always be aligned with a country's intelligence services. Once again the EFF rightly stresses the importance of actively managing privacy settings.
  3. Partricio Robles argues that the benefits to brands may be mixed, even increasingly limited. When users realize the extent of the personal information they have — perhaps inadvertently — provided on Facebook they may say 'screw this' and leave the platform for safer alternatives. (Are there any.)

Any other views — pro or con? 

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