SXSWi 2013 — Voting Open

It's that time of the year again where I ask a favor of you.

Hal Niedzviecki, Meghan Warby and I have proposed a panel for SXSWi 2013, the description of which is below. I hope you will consider going to the SXSW PanelPicker site here and casting a vote in support.

How peep culture hacked your reputation & brain

In his book 'The Peep Diaries' & doc 'Peep Culture,' Hal Niedzviecki notes our willingness to bare everything for entertainment, profit & reputation. Even if we don't aspire to fame, with every status update, video upload & burrito-Instagram, we expect to be witnessed. We marvel at the higher speeds & access to information; congratulate ourselves about using the same digital platforms as those powering recent revolutions, but we've drifted into consumption, broadcasting & 'curation' of increasingly meaningless content. We will debate Hal's idea - a peep culture centered on chasing maximum rewards for exposing private lives - with a demographic twist: Meghan Warby (aged 31) is a cautious digital native unsure about transparency; Boyd Neil (aged 63) is comfortable with digital ‘nakedness’ as a necessity of digital democracy; and Niedzviecki (aged 41) who grew up with one of the first PCs but has become increasingly skeptical of the way we're turning domestic life into public product.

The questions we will be discussing include:

  1. What is the history/origin of our culture of voyeurism and entertainment?
  2. What does a 'peep culture' broadcaster risk in terms of self-esteem, health & perspective?
  3. How can we better understand our fascination with 'peep culture' & moderate our intake of content?
  4. How can broadcasting our lives, when done right, improve our connectivity to others & understanding of ourselves?
  5. What are the key considerations for privacy, respect for others & safety in peep culture?

Please don't underestimate the value of your vote. It makes a huge difference to the chances that the panel will be selected . . . and I promise to post the audio and slides from the panel should we be at the conference.

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