Social Media for Non-Profits

Despite, or perhaps because of, limited funds non-profits have for years been ahead of many in the private sector in the creative use of social media and digital communications. I made this point this week at the MyCharity Connects 2012 conference in a presentation on strategies for getting 'slacktivists' to become more active in non-profit campaigns.

I could have given my session a boost had I had access to this useful post from Allen Mireles Marketing (hat tip to Amy Vernon - @amyvernon on Twitter - for pointing to the post) on social media for non-profits and whether you should "jump in headfirst" (of course you should). The title second guesses the conclusion when you see numbers like this:

According to the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report , 98% of respondents are using Facebook and 72% are using Twitter, 44% are using Linkedin and 23% are using Google+. The Sage Nonprofits Insights study found that 63% of respondents were using YouTube but only 31% have a profile in popular blog tools or maintain a blog. Use of social media by nonprofits is going mainstream.

My presentation is embedded here. It assumes that using the social web is a no-brainer for non-profits and adds a few ideas about how to make the most of the interactions that happen there.

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