The Many Sides of Social Activism Commentary

My Google alerts bombard me regularly with articles and posts about digital advocacy and activism, all stored dutifully on Diigo.

Because my search terms are non-partisan, I get the inventive and the dull; the cynical and the passionate; the reflective and the obtuse. Here is a sample that demonstrates the range of views on this critical 2012 issue:

  • The master of the straw man argument ('technology can solve problems of democracy' . . .which few who write about activism online actually believe), Evgeny Morozov is still worth listening if only to confirm the obverse of what he says:

  • A short reminder from Mashable that the reason online activism can be powerful is because "It's the network stupid."
  • An antidote to the cynics and shallow thinkers (and writers) about the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng who "is part of a new generation of Chinese activists whose use of modern communications tools including social media is posing an unprecedented challenge for the government."
  • And a reasonable cautionary note about the dangers of the Internet "mob mentality" from Michael Trice at Partisans.org

Frankly, though, I am still looking for the balanced thinkers on digital activism, although Clay Shirky still ranks among the most thoughtful.

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