Ranking Canadian Companies by Social Media Activity

Research in Motion (RIM) was the most active of the S&P/TSX companies on the social web in October according to this infographic released today by H+K Strategies (my employer). 

Five things I find a bit surprising about the list? 

  1. Of the top ten companies active on the social web in October, only three are mainstream retailers — unless you consider banks to be in the retail sector, which I don't.
  2. Three of the top 11 are banks, which were much later than other industries to get the potential of the social web. They're evidently making up for lost time.
  3. A mining company (Barrick) and three energy companies (Cenovus, Suncor and Encana) in the top 25 demonstrates there is a place for social web strategies even in the extractive sector.
  4. People continue to 'like' RIM on Facebook even given the extensive negative press it has received over the past year.
  5. You would expect media companies (Rogers and Shaw) to make the most of YouTube, with their easy access to content. Neither are in the top five YouTube users. 

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