Senior Exec Bloggers - Scarce Resource

This month I'll be giving a short seminar on blogging tips for senior executives, something I have talked about before here and in other forums.

I used to include a few CEO blogs in my blogroll as best-in-breed models, but dropped them a year or so ago as I shifted focus to social media and digital pundits. 

For the client session, I started to refresh my list of good exemplar senior executive blogs. Save for the blog of my boss (no choice but to say that really), it's not looking good. I'm not finding very many, and two of those I've scavenged are holdovers from that old list - the inimitable Mark Cuban and the ever energetic Bill Marriott. The only other one I can find written with any real enthusiasm is that of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark.

Surely I'm missing some senior executive social web rock stars. Any suggestions?

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