Seek Truth from Facts

(Think about it)

The oddest thing has been happening to my consulting firm, Hill & Knowlton. A tiny agency in Toronto has called us out on Twitter because we have started (only recently) working for a client whose project is the subject of some public opposition. 

The firm and its spokespeople have jumped to judgement about both our role and the 'guilt' of the client, without investigation and without evident balance.

This often happens when dealing with some advocacy groups, which have reasons of their own to be selective about their stories, and can 'message' and 'spin' with the best of them.

But it is a surprise that an agency of communications professionals should do so. I'll give the agency the benefit of the doubt and assume this is not simply a publicity stunt. It does, however, evidence insensitivity to the importance in our profession of seeking truth from facts.

Or, to put it another way from that old master of the left-wing quip: "No investigation no right to speak" (Mao Zedong).

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