To Pay or Not to Pay

. . . That's at least one question companies ask as they consider including blogger campaigns in their marketing strategies.

The question is more complex than it looks and involves ethical (a system of moral principles) and moral (what is right and wrong) dilemmas.

(Conflict alert: I work here.) Hill & Knowlton (Hill + Knowlton Strategies in the U.S.) is hosting a panel in Toronto on Thursday that has sufficinet diversity among its panelists to suggest the discussion may be truly a debate. It might even be heated (hands rubbing gleefully):

Alexa Clark @alexaclark: social entrepreneur, author, photographer & social media addict. Founder of CheapEats, Secret Pickle and HoHoTO.

Erica Ehm, @YummyMummyClub CEO of YummyMummyClub.ca - a sexy online magazine that speaks to the woman in every mom.

Matt Hartley @thehartley Editor, FP Tech Desk at National Post. Amateur gamer. Jays fan. Pizza aficionado. Downright cromulent.

Zach Bussey @zachbussey Social media consultant, blogger and web radio personality. I love discussion and debate, have a knack for creating it and I like my media to be social.

Facilitated by Eden Spodek @EdenSpodek Work as a digital strategist. Play at Bargainista.ca, CommunityDivas.com and @PodCampToronto. Passionate about communication and community.

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