Augmented Reality News Release

Forgive the fact that this is about an initiative of my employer, but it is too cool to ignore.

Yesterday, we launched what we are claiming to be the world's first augmented reality news release to highlight our promotional activities around the Cannes Lions advertising festival. 

As described by our CMO, Tony Burgess-Webb, "The concept is simple: recipients receive a document with a special marker printed on it, go to our website and hold up the document to their webcam. Our promotional video (featuring our esteemed CEO without trousers) then appears to play directly on the piece of paper." 

If you have a printer and a webcam, you can try it out here. Or if you just want to see it in action see the video at http://vimeo.com/12260607.

Is there a future in augmented reality news releases? If fun is a criteria for news release success, then I think so.

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