UPS-Apple Conclusion

Not to belabor my three day long post about UPS and the case of the missing MacBook any longer, but Apple has come to the rescue.

After explaining on Friday morning  to Melissa ("We'll take care of this.") at Apple  that UPS had promised delivery of my MacBook on June 15th, and I had therefore met Apple's three-days-lost criteria, she told me not to worry, they would handle it. I was promised that Apple's tracking team would get back to me within 48 business hours with  resolution.

True to Melissa's word, this afternoon I received notice from Apple that it was processing a refund since, indeed, UPS had lost -- or had stolen -- my MacBook. What a relief. I'm off to the retail store to buy the replacement.

It is amazing what happens when a customer service representative takes ownership of a problem and works to find a solution. Now that I am a bit calmer, if UPS would like to send me the name and phone number of a senior customer service representative, I would be delighted to make some suggestions on improving its processes.

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UPS & Apple - Caught in the Morass