UPS - What a Fiasco

I DON'T BELIEVE THIS . . . it is 1:45 p.m. and I just got off the phone with Kedija at UPS central dispatch. Guess what, they can't find the MacBook I ordered!

Kedija called at 12:00 noon to say that she was paging all the drivers in the area to see who had it on their truck. Apparently, it hasn't been loaded on any truck. In fact, as of 1:45 P.M. nobody at UPS knows where it is. Kejita can't handle tracing the shipment. She tells me I have to phone customer service again (fifth call in two days) to put a trace on it.

Okay, so I oblige and speak with Jeff ("You're right Boyd. We haven't done our job.") who tells me the only one who can ask for a trace of a shipment is the shipper -- Apple. Even though I have paid for the MacBook and have had various people waiting at home for the package, UPS won't do anything for me. I asked to speak with Kim, the supervisor I spoke with yesterday, but once again she isn't at her desk. (She was on coffee break when I asked to speak with her this morning, and she didn't call back.)

Now I am on hold waiting to speak with an Apple customer service person. With any luck, they will let me cancel the order, give me my money back, and let me go to an Apple store to pick one up.

We'll see . . . although I have been on hold for 15 minutes with Apple. If this all seems too absurd to be real, you're wrong. It is happening now.

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