UPS- The Deliver Saga Continues

Here's the update on the UPS 'delivery debacle' as I retitled my post from last night.

At 7:15 this morning I checked the UPS online tracking system to find that, indeed, my shipment has been rescheduled for today. Needless to say, however, by 9:15 this morning I had NOT received a call from UPS central dispatch -- as promised -- to confirm that my MacBook is in fact on its way.

So this morning I called the central UPS tracking phone number and spoke with Pam, who like Cory last night and Kim earlier yesterday, apologized profusely. Kim, the supervisor, was on her break so I spoke with Pam who confirmed that the MacBook is on a truck for delivery.

However, according to Pam it turns out that yesterday "the package was loaded on the wrong driver's truck"! Even though I spoke twice with someone from central dispatch, who supposedly spoke with the driver, nobody figured out that the package wasn't really going to make it . . . not even the driver who was being asked about it.

As it stands, I now have to arrange to have my house occupied all day today in the hope that UPS gets it right this time. I have been promised another call back from central dispatch and maybe Kim. 

The saga continues . . .  

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