Social Entrepreneurship

I had coffee yesterday morning with David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World and other books, who will soon be launching a news platform to get stories out about solutions to environmental, economic and social problems at dowser.org (still in beta although launching soon).

The emphasis here is on solutions . . . what is being done to fix things. David believes too much energy (and media attention) is spent on complaining about what's wrong and not enough on profiling successful social change programs. When live, 'dowser' will help right the balance by providing news stories about positive illustrations of social entrepreneurship and innovation. It will, as a note on the beta site says, "(T)ell stories about people who are creatively attacking social problems and show how achievable it is to make an impact."

Apparently indefatigable, sometime in the next couple of weeks David will also be releasing another book co-authored with Susan Davies called Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know published by Oxford University Press. Part of the book focuses on a theme we talked about over espresso (me) and croissant (David), the need for "journalists who are both good storytellers and familiar with the challenge of social problem solving."

I haven't read David's books yet. But this call for more forward-looking storytelling is likely to be the toughest proposition on the social entrepreneurship agenda. The goal of dowser.org is a refreshed narrative archetype: I'll be cheering for David and dowser.org.

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