Cort Theater N.Y. *Fail*

Good customer service is not that tough. Last night the Cort Theater in New York replaced Laura Linney with her understudy in the lead role of the drama Time Stands Still. Linney plays the role of the central character Sarah Goodwin, so this was no minor irritant, especially for someone from out of town who is unlikely to be back to New York soon.

But there was no explanation from the theater; no apology; no refund; no note in the Playbill explaining that Linney was indisposed, ill, exhausted . . . whatever.

Simply stupid customer 'service'. Why would you not provide some reason to theatergoers for this significant change in the "product"?

I enjoyed the play (especially Christina Ricci making her Broadway debut as Mandy) very much and the Linney understudy was perfectly adequate. But it took some time to shake the feeling of being ripped-off. It would have been so easy for the production company to make the evening satisfying by offering some justification for the replacement.

In most circumstances, that's really all most customers ask . . . reasoning, apology and under some conditions recompense.

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