A Random Social Web Walk . . . With Voting

Some random social web information and ideas:

From Mashable, a tongue-firmly-in-cheek campaign from the marketing firm Proximity will see the person who checks in most frequently on Foursquare at the City of Chicago Mayoral HQ become the new 'mayor' of the city. The current front runner is Rob Mowry who looks strangely like Rob Ford a real candidate for mayor in Toronto. Just showing up, rather than making change, seems to work for mayors in Toronto so why not a Foursquare mayor?

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The title of this article by Robyn Urback in Canada's National Post newspaper says it all: " Facebook’s 'I like it' campaign pointlessly sexualizing tragedy". The idea is that for breast cancer awareness month, women are supposed to say where they like to leave their purse. (I know: I don't understand the connection either.) The result is such comments as 'I like it on the floor'. Get it? Unfortunately, the article doesn't tell you who thought up this offensive campaign.

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According to a study sponsored by StephensGouldPincus in the US, "the total percentage of work devoted by communications consulting firms to social media as opposed to traditional media is 30% overall. Next year, the percentage will increase to an average of 42%, with firms over $3 million in revenue increasing to 46%."

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In post about a Gallup poll which shows that distrust in the media continues to edge up, Valeria Maltoni says something that people like me who blog about current affairs should remember:

Especially if you are creating content, you should do your homework, look to diverse sources. A greater share of voice comes with greater accountability.

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It's a good day. I liked three out of the four things I read.

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