M&A Blogging

Thanks to a post yesterday by Jeremiah Owyang at Forrester Research I was directed to what may be a first (?) . . . a merger blog. The Wells Fargo - Wachovia Blog has been live for about four days. It is meant to keep customers up to date on how the merger between the two financial institutions is taking place.

Both Wells Fargo and Wachovia people have posted and there have been 11 comments, mostly from customers. Although the tone is one would expect -- a little hyperbolic ("Both our companies take pride in the fact that we have focused – and continue tomfocus – on you, our customers. We believe in doing what's right for you because, quite frankly, without you, we wouldn't be here.") -- the transparency in opening up a conversation with customers about the progress of the merger, and perhaps its hiccups, is admirable.

This one is worth watching.


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