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Infographic - Social Media Microcosm

I swear this blog will not become a tout for the agency that employs me as head of its social media practice in Canada. But last week's infographic and this one provide a snapshot of the social media microcosm in 2011. Two things stand out in the latest:

  1. A lot of social media and digital work is being done in-house today, rather than being outsourced to public relations agencies or digital/social media boutiques.
  2. Perhaps because it is the guardian of reputation, the corporate communications function within organizations tends to spearhead social web animation.



Non-Profits and Social Media

This cool infographic was posted today by Hill & Knowlton. The most interesting story this tells me is that Doctors Without Borders Canada has the most engaged community on the social web and yet they aren't in the top 'talkative' five. Could what you say be more important than how much you say it?