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Engaging Employees in CSR

Forgive the hubris of quoting myself, but I have an article in Canadian HR Reporter on using the social web to engage a company's employees in corporate social responsiblity programs. The thesis of the piece is that:

These (social) technologies can also give employees an opportunity to highlight their own initiatives in support of their organization’s sustainability programs, as well as involve themselves in its interaction with stakeholders.

The full article is on my firm's website.


iPhone App - NDP First Off the Mark  

Canada's New Democratic Party (NDP) is first out of the gate in the social web sweepstakes with something a little different by way of a social tool . . . the Jack Layton iPhone app.

With the app you can watch campaign videos, follow tour highlights, connect on Twitter and Facebook and get insider alerts and messages about the campaign's progress.

In fact, the party has a dedicated website called 'Taking our Campaign Online' where you can download blog badges, Facebook profile pictures, Twitter backgrounds and desktop wallpaper.


The site puts to shame the dull and unsophisticated website of the Conservative Party (Could they fit more pictures of Stephen Harper on a single page?) and has a more populist feel than the slick and sophisticated Liberal Party home.

The B.C. online newspaper The Tyee has made it easy for those who want to track the progress of the parties as they struggle again to figure out how to wrestle the social web to the ground by publishing a list of the "parties' websites, Facebook pages and Twitter pages, plus some useful hashtags for topics, election reporters, and kibitzers".