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Pinning - The Marketing Onslaught Begins

This is another social network unlikely to escape the marketing onslaught for very long. I imagine creative minds are trying to find ways for their brands to jump in as I write.

I'm talking about Pinterest, of course, the addictive image sharing social network in which people pin cool, bizzare, bland, stupid (to my mind anyway - no more shoes please) or instructive images to 'boards' for others to see, comment on, or trash. The demographics so far skew to 25-34 year olds, the majority (80%) women.

There are personal uses that make a lot of sense, as I found when I asked the question on Twitter a few weeks ago. The responses talked about its value as a wedding planning or interior deisgn tool for example. My boards will be devoted, as expected, to quirky or artsy images.

Such leading brands as Whole Foods have boards (followed by close to 11,000 people already) and Lands End (only 526 followers so far) which have lovely stuff to look at and "pin". In a post at Search Engine Watch, blogger Kaila Strong list seven ways companies could use the Pinterest platform to meet and interact with customers:

  1. Hold a contest
  2. Conduct market research
  3. Feature customers
  4. Present concepts in a new way
  5. Put a face to your brand
  6. Promote your image content
  7. Sell more products

All good . . .

For those who work in reputation management, current affairs and the social web, we'll likely be scratching our heads for some time yet about how Pinterest can provide value other than in promoting image content (good for building affective loyalty to a company or organization). Suggestions welcome.

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Reader Comments (1)

I love Pinterest and you are absolutely right about it becoming the next hub for branding teams and alike. Although I feel the beauty of the site is that it is concise and allows for branding or re branding by re pins or 'mentions' 'comments' and such.
If Ben and the Pinterest team monitor and stick to this format I believe it will be a clean and clear way of keeping an interesting site afloat as well allowing for indirect brand representation.


January 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMallika Chaudhuri

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