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Politics and Advocacy on the Social Web

Pew Research reports some interesting facts about how politics and advocacy manifest themselves on social networks. The pertinent slides below are 24 - 32. 


Those who dismiss online 'slacktivism' might note these findings:
  • 43% of SNS users have decided to learn more about a political or social issue because of something they read on social media
  • 18% of SNS users have decided to take action involving a political or social issue because of something they read on social media
The question for advocacy organizations is, of course, what social content and strategies can encourage more learning and action.

Will Generation Z Run the World Better ?

If the research results about the generation born after 1995 (called by some 'Generation Z') sampled below are true, then I hope I'm still around to see them run the developed world.

Captured in an infographic from Marketo, four things stand out from the reserach: Teenagers today are ready to work hard for realistic goals, have a social conscience, will work collaboratively and are awesome multitaskers.

Here's how they compare to Millenials

And this will warm the hearts of every nonprofit and social activist on the planet:

Oh yeah they are fleeing Facebook (penetration having fallen from 42% in 2012 to only 23% a year later) for visual-based social platforms like Instagram. And they prefer the privacy of Snapchat and Whisper.

Marketers might find them a tougher sell than their siblings. But those of us who recognize what a mess we are making of the world today, might see cause for hope.